Let Me Put You On

For those who read this blog, you are greatly appreciated for jocing (v; to entertain) my foolishness every time I hit this “Publish” button. But, this week I am going to give you my top 10 favorite blogs/vlogs (they are in no particular order) and put you on to their lovely lovely words and videos.


  1. Awesomely Luvvie: A blog created and written by Luvvie Ajayi, the “Wacky Words, Side-Eye Sorceress, and the Witch of Wit,” herself.  If you don’t know who Luvvie Ajayi, she one of the most hilarious and writer that I personally have ever read. As one who is sarcastic, nonchalant, and has a smart mouth I relate to her on a great scale. She discusses everything from racial issues and beauty ( my personal favorite About the Weary Weaponizing of White Woman Tears). She is also the author of New York Best Seller, “I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual.” 
  2. Crissle.com: Co-host of The Read (probably my favorite podcast and I’m currently listening to it now), the hilarious and lovely Crissle. For those who listen to The Read, Crissle is usually vibrant, outspoken, and sarcastically hilarious. But, in her in her blog Crissle goes a little deeper into her life in a very poetic way. Also, check out her co-host, Kid Fury’s blog, he also is hilarious.
  3. Abiola Abrams’ Sacred Bomb Shell: If you feeling pressed like an iron you should definitely check out Abiola Abrams’ Sacred Bomb Shell. Abrams is an award winning empowerment coach here to encourage all the black queens.
  4. For Harriet.com: This is also another encouragement blog (I’m all for the encouragement y’all) that allows different black women to express their thoughts about their daily struggle.
  5. Twenties Unscripted: Created by Tyece Wilkins and emphasizes that being in your twenties is indeed unscripted and can be a struggle. Wilkins also wants to “spark women to connect to the best, bravest, and boldest part of themselves.”
  6. FaceOverMatter: My FAVORITE Youtube blogger/makeup guru. Every makeup I have, I’ve either copied off her or its somewhat inspired by my good sis Jaelan. But, what I enjoy about her most is that she gives her subscribers advice about their journey with God and gives an insight about her journey also which has helped me out many a days.
  7. My Natural Sistas : This Youtube channel is ran by three sisters that provide advice for natural hair, makeup, and their life and spiritual journeys. When I tell y’all they are just the cutest!
  8. The Strength of She : Now, I know the author of this blog and she is absolutely AMAZING! The blog posts are written by multiple women including herself about womanly issues including hair, hygiene, and encouragement. Along with The Strength of She brand is a book written by the creator herself (once again, she’s such a queen y’all), a store The She Shop and a podcast, SHEnanigans.
  9. Black Girl Nerds : Anyone who knows me knows  I am a nerd, who watches documentaries for fun and googles random biographies. This blog emphasizes and shows that it’s okay for black girls to be nerds because sometimes we are put in  a box. But BLACK GIRL NERDS MATTER!!
  10. Jackie Aina : I just had to give a shoutout to my good sis Jackie. This woman is responsible for me finally being comfortable wearing peachy nude makeup. But, she is an amazing makeup artist and guru, you know it’s real when she’s friends with the CEOs of makeup companies. If you want a good quality review of makeup then you should definitely check her out. Also, her and her fiancé are adorable!

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